07. 10. 2013

Dutch oven cooking

Tweet PARK CITY, UTAH — Funny story here: When I learned there would be a Dutch-oven cooking demonstration at this year’s Association of Food Journalists conference, held last week in this mountainside ski town...

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12. 09. 2013

Find Bigfoot and more, at Jack Bell’s meat market in Kane, Pa.

Tweet KANE, Pa. — Mom-and-pop butcher shops usually are pretty friendly places, but not always the cutest businesses on the block. Not so with Bell’s Meat & Poultry, Jack Bell’s tiny market here in the heart of Allegheny...

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27. 08. 2013

Pizza on the grill is easier than you think

Tweet I love BBQ chicken, burgers and hot dogs as much as anyone, so long as the meat is juicy and charred and the franks are the good ones — all beef and kosher. Yet every summer for...

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16. 08. 2013

Bruschetta: Carbs on the grill

Tweet   Fresh vegetables are starting to roll into local farmers markets, and what better way to whet summer appetites than by firing up the Weber for a quick and easy appetizer? You know...

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01. 05. 2013

Marathoners: Take these recipes and run with them

Tweet   A big bowl of pasta one or two days before a big road race is a time-honored runners’ tradition. Carbs are the body’s primary fuel source during endurance events such as...

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19. 02. 2013

Sexy cookbooks provide recipes for a hot meal

Tweet   Sex and food have been intertwined ever since the first man got evicted from the Garden of Eden, just for accepting an afternoon snack from a naked woman. Entire volumes have...

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08. 02. 2013

Chocolate for dinner

Tweet   The love-struck will express their dying affection with more than 36 million heart-shaped boxes of chocolate come Valentine’s Day. Actually, the cocoa route isn’t a bad one if you’re hoping to...

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03. 02. 2013

Super Bowl victors: Cajun appetizers

Tweet   If you’re reading this, you’re probably not whooping it up in the parking lot of Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. I’m not at the NFL’s biggest game of the year either,...

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31. 12. 2012

Biscotti: A friend’s tradition kept alive

Tweet   New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and no doubt you’re headed to a party, or maybe throwing one. You’re going to want to ring in the new year with, along with...

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13. 11. 2012

A tiny bites Thanksgiving, Part 1

Tweet   When you’re the holiday’s designated cook, and your extended family is large, Thanksgiving can be a very long day. Up early to stuff and throw a 20-pound bird in the oven,...

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