25. 10. 2012

Crazy about pumpkin

Tweet   Is it just me, or is pumpkin taking over? I was fine with seasonal pumpkin products such as pumpkin bread and pumpkin roll. But these days, you can find its distinctive...

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10. 10. 2012

Priests who are blessed in the kitchen

Tweet   The Rev. Samuel Esposito grew up cooking in his grandmother Jennie’s house in Ellwood City, Lawrence County, and for most of his adult life as a priest he has had to...

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27. 09. 2012

Hatching a plan to bring chefs, kids and others to a chile fest

Tweet   Nicola DiCio’s grin is as warm as the bright September sunshine when we pull into White Oak Farm, the 50-acre farm straddling Hampton and Indiana townships that’s been in his family...

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09. 09. 2012

This is Pittsburgh food: On the cookie tables

Tweet This is the sixth “This Is Pittsburgh Food,” a series of stories and videos on local traditions by Gretchen McKay and videographer and photographer Steve Mellon. When Cristina Lazzaro started planning her...

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23. 08. 2012

Up your tailgating game by building a better burger

Tweet     For the football fan who cooks, tailgates are a beautiful thing. Unlike other parties where the host feels a lot of pressure to impress, this pre-game festivity can be as...

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20. 08. 2012

Training meals: A look inside the Steelers’ training kitchen

Tweet   They look invincible. Yet beneath those steely, confident exteriors, the Pittsburgh Steelers struggle just like the rest of us schlubs — at least when it comes to their diets. The underweight...

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10. 08. 2012

Hail to the chef: Julia Child’s fans celebrate her centennial

Tweet Julia Child loved to socialize almost as much as she loved to cook. So nobody would have enjoyed the big celebration fans are cooking up in honor of her centennial next week...

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01. 08. 2012

What’s for Dinner: Grilled Chorizo with Garlic-Sage Potato Puree

Tweet This recipe is simple but looks so impressive on the plate that you’ll feel as if you had put one over on your dinner guests. Local potatoes are plentiful now at area...

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30. 07. 2012

What’s for Dinner: Friday Night Salad with Honey and Lime Dressing

Tweet Weeknight Leftover Salad with Honey and Lime Dressing PG tested Coming off a lazy week at the beach, I sure don’t feel like cooking. But thanks to that nifty culinary shortcut known...

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27. 07. 2012

To cook meat directly on the coals is to ‘clinch’ … and it’s a cinch

Tweet   Quick and clean with gas? Or slow and smoky with charcoal? That’s the question backyard grill masters have been hotly debating since the first gas grill in the 1960s. Here’s another...

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