31. 07. 2018

Superior Motors demonstrates “Braddock is a destination”

Tweet On what some thought would be the one-year anniversary of its failing, Superior Motors in Braddock is humming along on all cylinders. Even before the 80-seat restaurant across the street from Edgar...

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30. 03. 2018

Finding God, and community, in a loaf of Easter bread

Tweet Slava Martyn never could have imagined that one day he’d find God, in Homestead, by baking bread. With a pastry brush dipped in egg wash, he leans over the pan of uncooked...

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24. 08. 2017

Fueling a football team, the Steelers way

Tweet During the Steelers’ summer training camp, the Community Center Dining Hall at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe is the stuff big eaters dream of. Indecisive souls feeling ravenously hungry could go crazy...

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20. 06. 2017

Pittsburgh’s meister of artisan bread

Tweet Nick Ambeliotis never doubted his life’s work would revolve around food. The Ohio native grew up working for his father, Mike, in the corner grocery store he started after World War II...

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07. 09. 2016

McLaughlin Distillery crafts fine spirits in Sewickley Hills

Tweet Kim McLaughin crafts some mighty fine spirits in the abandoned party house he’s been renovating the past year in Sewickley Hills. It’s an avocation turned vocation that’s totally hip but not all...

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09. 04. 2016

Chronic bowel disease doesn’t deter Pittsburgh runner

Tweet A love of running did not come naturally to Lauren Moran. If anything, the Baldwin native considered moving her legs forward in anything faster than a slow crawl as punishment — and...

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02. 03. 2016

After family members’ suicides, woman heals her emotional wounds through running

Tweet For months after her older brother Allan’s suicide in November 2002, Amy Jacobson was numb. It was as if the Maryland college student had fallen into a big black hole of nothingness...

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11. 02. 2016

Teacher with cystic fibrosis gears up to run Pittsburgh Marathon

Tweet Hannah Camic gets a look when she’s running that flies in the face of the chronic lung disease she was born with. She doesn’t smile so much as she glows, as if...

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17. 11. 2015

Saying good-bye to Pittsburgh’s beloved thumbprint cookie

Tweet Pittsburghers are passionate about their cookies. So when Macy’s announced last month that the Arcade Bakery would be closing along with its Tic Toc Room on July 31, a kind of panic...

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18. 03. 2015

Tuna noodle casserole: Yuck!

Tweet Everybody remembers a food from childhood that made them shudder, if not gag outright when Mom brought it to the table. For me, it’s tuna casserole. My three older brothers all loved...

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