29. 04. 2014

26.2 Food: Pre-run meal before marathon training essential

Tweet                     An occasional series on how to fuel for the Pittsburgh Marathon.   Tempting as it might be to cozy up on the couch...

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25. 10. 2013

Pittsburgh Pierogies: “We love you, dumpling!”

Tweet Carl Funtal has spent most of his adult life as a tough guy, protecting the public as a sergeant with the Shaler Township Police Department. Truth be told, he’s really kind of...

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22. 10. 2013

Robinson “cottage” a link back to Sewickley Heights grandeur

Tweet In the 1920s and ’30s, Pittsburgh’s captains of industry built lavish summer cottages high above the Ohio River to escape the city’s smoke and summertime heat. “Cottage” was something of a misnomer;...

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07. 10. 2013

Dutch oven cooking

Tweet PARK CITY, UTAH — Funny story here: When I learned there would be a Dutch-oven cooking demonstration at this year’s Association of Food Journalists conference, held last week in this mountainside ski town...

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16. 09. 2013

Kinzua colors: Reborn bridge offers spectacular views of Pennsylvania fall foliage

Tweet MOUNT JEWETT, Pa. — Even before its tattered remains were reimagined as a spectacular walkway over one of Pennsylvania’s prettiest gorges, the Kinzua Viaduct was one for the history books. When it rose some 300...

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12. 09. 2013

Find Bigfoot and more, at Jack Bell’s meat market in Kane, Pa.

Tweet KANE, Pa. — Mom-and-pop butcher shops usually are pretty friendly places, but not always the cutest businesses on the block. Not so with Bell’s Meat & Poultry, Jack Bell’s tiny market here in the heart of Allegheny...

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27. 08. 2013

Pizza on the grill is easier than you think

Tweet I love BBQ chicken, burgers and hot dogs as much as anyone, so long as the meat is juicy and charred and the franks are the good ones — all beef and kosher. Yet every summer for...

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16. 08. 2013

Into the woods in Cook Forest

Tweet LEEPER — Summer weekends in Cook Forest, a registered national natural landmark known for its old-growth hemlocks, usually involve this: Paddling or tubing on the lazy Clarion River. Climbing the teetering, 87-foot fire tower built as a...

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16. 08. 2013

Bruschetta: Carbs on the grill

Tweet   Fresh vegetables are starting to roll into local farmers markets, and what better way to whet summer appetites than by firing up the Weber for a quick and easy appetizer? You know...

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24. 06. 2013

Boston: The cradle of liberty still rocks

Tweet BOSTON — It was by happenstance, really, that we came across the memorial. This was a trip to see the historic sights and taste the seafood for which this capital city is...

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