27. 11. 2012

Braddock mayor turns rehabbed warehouse into home

Tweet   John Fetterman has never been what you’d consider a wallflower — 6-foot-8, with a shaved head and ginormous black tats running up and down his arms, Braddock’s mayor stands out in...

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27. 06. 2012

Braddock looks to new Kevin Sousa restaurant as urban renewal project

Tweet First in an occasional series on Magarac, Kevin Sousa’s new restaurant in Braddock, Pa.   Even more people are going to think chef Kevin Sousa is nuts: He’s not only opening his...

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01. 06. 2012

Bell’s, a tiny market in Braddock, keeps serving its community

Tweet This is the fourth “This Is Pittsburgh Food,” a series of stories and videos on local traditions by Gretchen McKay and videographer and photographer Steve Mellon.     Louis Greenwald was just...

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