31. 07. 2018

Superior Motors demonstrates “Braddock is a destination”

Tweet On what some thought would be the one-year anniversary of its failing, Superior Motors in Braddock is humming along on all cylinders. Even before the 80-seat restaurant across the street from Edgar...

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21. 01. 2013

America’s classic combo: Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Tweet   Soup for lunch or dinner always is a good idea when temperatures start to dip, and nothing quite hits the spot like the creamy, savory tomato concoction of our childhood. One...

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27. 06. 2012

Braddock looks to new Kevin Sousa restaurant as urban renewal project

Tweet First in an occasional series on Magarac, Kevin Sousa’s new restaurant in Braddock, Pa.   Even more people are going to think chef Kevin Sousa is nuts: He’s not only opening his...

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