11. 02. 2016

Lidia Bastianich gives a lesson in Italian cooking

Tweet Lidia Bastianich has written a dozen cookbooks since arriving in America more than 40 years ago, introducing at least two generations of Americans to the delights and intricacies of regional Italian cooking....

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02. 12. 2010

Nonna Lidia Bastianich tells an endearing holiday story

Tweet Tradition plays a huge role in most Italian homes during the holidays, both in the family activities that define the season, such as decorating the tree, and the favorite foods that show...

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12. 11. 2010

A Thanksgiving Feast

Tweet By the time my hip pushed open my parents’ back door just after sundown, the 14-pound turkey I’d just finished roasting sliding precariously on the rimmed cookie sheet I held in my...

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