20. 06. 2017

A different kind of runner’s high

Tweet As he lines up for Monday’s Boston Marathon, John Platt will feel the same jitters as every runner, plus a few of his own. Did I train hard enough? Will I make...

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09. 04. 2016

Chronic bowel disease doesn’t deter Pittsburgh runner

Tweet A love of running did not come naturally to Lauren Moran. If anything, the Baldwin native considered moving her legs forward in anything faster than a slow crawl as punishment — and...

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30. 04. 2014

26.2 Food: How to eat right while training

Tweet An occasional series on how to fuel for the Pittsburgh Marathon. Most serious runners will stop at nothing in the race to maximize performance. High-tech trainers that keep your feet happy while logging serious...

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01. 05. 2013

Marathoners: Take these recipes and run with them

Tweet   A big bowl of pasta one or two days before a big road race is a time-honored runners’ tradition. Carbs are the body’s primary fuel source during endurance events such as...

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10. 05. 2012

Three ways to refuel after a marathon

Tweet   So you’re among the thousands of Runners of Steel who participated in the Pittsburgh (or another city’s) Marathon. Or maybe you’re one of the many spectators who got up at the...

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25. 04. 2012

Quinoa: A high-octane fuel for hungry runners

Tweet       This time of year when so many are obsessing about eating less in an effort to fit into warm-weather shorts and bathing suits, it’s all I can do not to...

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25. 10. 2011

Road-racing trips: Why not build a vacation around your competitive spirit?

Tweet When it comes to road races, nothing beats the classic 5K. Last year alone, the 3.1-mile distance chalked up nearly 4.7 million finishers, or 36 percent of all race finishers in 2010....

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